Bridge to Next Semester

  1. What is it that I am trying to investigate in my practice, i.e. what I am most passionate about?  I am attempting to investigate an aesthetic that reflects the wholeness of all that I am. And I am most passionate about bringing myself to the work that I do and learning how to do it in a way that cultivates a consistent creative work practice. 
  2. What are my strengths and weaknesses? My strengths are my creativity, my ability to bring the multiplicity of self into my work, and my inherent ability to fully realize ideas and beautifully capture them. My weaknesses are overthinking, lack of excitement with projects over time and procrastination
  3. What are the core elements missing from my practice? How will I obtain them? The core elements missing from my practice is an understanding of design from a technical perspective. I will obtain them by continuing to practice. 
  4. What was my preferred media before the course? After the course?
    My preferred media before the course was print magazine journalism, newspaper making, photography, and selfies.
  5. What is the next topic, theme, or question I would like to investigate in my next project? In attempt to keep my work consistent, it will all consist of work seen and authenticated through a black queer feminist lens; and so, the real question should interrogate why this is even important. 
  6. What is something I learned in this class that I could teach to someone else? How to quickly edit things in Photoshop that used to take me forever to do.
  7. What is something I will try to do next semester that I have never done before?  
    Find ways to work through challenges more effectively, spend more time working on projects, and to share more honestly about both in the classroom space.                   
  8. What is something I will try to do every day or every week that I did not do before this course? I will try my best to create daily. 
  9. What is a creative project that I would do with a budget of $150 million? I would like to build a community center focused on teaching youth political education through creativity and media. 
  10. How could I do the same project with a budget of $150? I would start where I can, in my living room, with my own monies and do my best to redistribute the knowledge that I've received through the university syestem to my people.